• Why is this case going to trial anyway?

    DNA evidence has recently excluded an accused as a possible contributor in an alleged sexual assault.  There is also further evidence that the accusers may have fabricated a story about not having sexual relations between themselves. But, guess what?

  • Attorney gets pulled over

    A Hudson, WI attorney was pulled over recently when a driver called the police because of his driving behavior. The North Hudson police proceeded to pull him over based on the information from the caller, which is legal, but the police are taking a chance that the person making the call knows what he / she is talking about. Normally a more experienced cop would probably make his own observations before making the stop; however, this is legal for the police to investigate as long as the caller gi...

  • We still have some 4th Amendment Rights Left

    The US Supreme court recently ruled that the government can't install a GPS on your vehicle without a search warrant. In this case the government basically installed a GPS monitor on dude's car for a few weeks, without first getting a search warrant, which eventually connected him to a location that was use for some not so legal activities. The government claims that this warrant requirement may be to difficult or cumbersome to get in the initial stages of an i...

  • Even Attorneys get Treated Wrong by The Cops

    A local Hudson attorney was wrongly arrested, and has decided to do something about it.  If you or anyone that you know has had a similar experience you should contact a competent attorney to vindicate your rights.  We are always here to serve.

  • Pursuit of the the American Dream

    Dahir Jabreel(c), President of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center. Became one of our newest American citizens on December 7, 2011.

  • Just in time for the Holidays

    Just as you begin to plan your  holiday celebrations and which parties you will attend, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety announced Thursday that it will crack down on drinking and driving during the month of December. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, all of us should  plan ahead to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season of celebrations with family and friends.  So  here are a few things to remember, try to plan a designated driver, or take advantage ...

  • If I were You

    If I were the victim, girlfriend, or the alleged driver of the the getaway car in this instance I would remain silent and contact a competent criminal defense attorney right away.  You have been placed in a very precarious situation, and you have important rights to protect. Don't delay, contact your attorney today!!

  • Join us at the next St. Croix Social Networking Event

    Join us at a fun place and meet fun people in beautiful Hudson, WI. January 26, 2012 at 5pm to 7pm. St.

  • Did you have a case in front of this Judge?

    If you or anyone you know had a case in front of Hennepin County District Judge Patricia Kerr Karasov in April 2007 through October 2009, you may have grounds to challenge the outcome of your case.  Judge Paticia Karasov was recently suspended from the bench in Hennepin County for residing outside of her district while she was presiding over cases.  Anyone who had a case in front of this Judge may have a legitimate challenge to  the validity of her ruling in your ca...

  • How to keep that "Thing" off your record

    Anoka county recently started a program to allow offenders to keep a criminal offense offense off their record.  While this is a very valuable opportunity to keep your record clean, which is good for many reasons, you should still consult with a competent criminal defense attorney to insure that you have a through and complete understanding of what is required of you when you enter into this agreement. How to keep your record clean in Anoka County.


    Finding yourself in handcuffs can be a scary and confusing situation. If you have never been arrested before, you may not know what to expect or how to act during the process. Here are some things to keep in mind if you ever find yourself in the back of a police car.

  • New website

    Welcome to Our New Website Let us know how we can serve you

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