Civil Rights

The Law Offices of W.H.Davis, P.A., is particularly committed to representing victims of police abuse, and excessive force. A police officer who commits an illegal assault is as culpable and liable for their actions as any civilian who commits assault. In fact, a law enforcement officer who willingly assaults another person in the line of duty must be held responsible for their actions, because in their role as sworn peace officers they are held to the highest standards of conduct. There are times when the police may illegally search and seize your property, let us help you regain what is lawfully yours. We will aggressively defend your rights.

Our focus on civil rights law covers a broad range of civil liberties matters that are protected by the United States Constitution, the State Constitution, and many other state and federal laws. We have the skills, experience, and resources to effectively handle a broad range of civil rights cases:

  • Criminal civil rights enforcement matters 
  • Unlawful detention by law enforcement 
  • Unlawful strip searches
  • Unlawful search and seizure of property 
  • Access to public accommodations and facilities 
  • Employment Discrimination 
  • Fair Housing Act Violations 
  • Slum housing and Section 8 Litigation 
  • Rights of institutionalized persons 
  • Police misconduct 
  • Prison conditions 
  • Freedom of speech 
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, age, or disability 

If you or someone you know endured an assault, or other illegal act at the hands of a police officer or any other person, you may be entitled to take legal action. Let a compassionate, dedicated, and experienced lawyer help restore your faith in the legal system.

If you would like more information or receive a free case evaluation, please schedule an initial attorney consultation by completing our online form or calling 612-206-3789.

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